31140801Author – Ayan Pal

Rating – ****

Language – English

Number of Pages – 190

‘Everything that begins must also end.’ A psychological thriller; an Island sympathetically and patiently witnesses angels and demons; love and emotions; harassment and atrocity; over the period of time, an unwilling witness to the events being played out on it.

A woman, a bestselling author is out on a vacation alone on a lonely Island where she was kidnapped by a stranger who she did not recognize and neither had he revealed his identity and motive. He gave her a chance to escape, provided that, they started playing a game in which she tells stories which is connected to the previous story told by the other person, the abductor. And therein begins a thrilling tale narrated by an Island.

There are three voices, a woman; the bestselling author, an abductor and the Island. The woman left with no other option to play the game and tell a story as this is the only way the abductor will let her go or she would die. What happened with the author? Did she survive? She ran or she died? Let, the Island tells you the tale!

This story has many short stories inter-woven in it. The execution of the plot is brilliant and the suspense equally compels you to proceed in the story. Beautifully carved by words, this book enchants the reader right from the first page and the ending is totally unexpected and trilling. The book is a roller-coaster ride. Grab it, when you are ready for it.