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32623877Author – KE Garland

Rating – 5/5 stars

Number of Pages – 83

Publisher – Self-published

“A successful marriage requires falling in love many times, always with the same person.”

How hard you had tried to make things work, if it is meant to end, it will end. Relationships can never be one way traffic, it is a bond two people share and nurture it with time and love and put their best foot forward to make it ever lasting.

‘The Unhappy Wife’ is a collection of twelve short stories inspired by the real life experience of marriage. The pain endured by the women mentioned in the book is similar in one way and different in the other. They tried to heal the rift came in between with warmth of their love and patience. Each woman goes by her own instinct. Finding a right partner in our life could be luck but persevere a relationship bank on, on the efforts we put in our relationship.

This book is not only for married men and women, but we all somewhere in life came to this chapter of life when we bear the burden an of unhappy relationship. We know something is not right and altogether our relationship is going in the wrong direction but we still continue just to prove a non-failure to the world. Happiness is more important than a painful relation. Voice when things go wrong and have a conversation with your partner and find a viable solution even if it meant to take help by an expert.

Through this book author gave her best in voicing all the women out there. Every story gave an insight of a woman’s heart. It is a thoughtful writing and she marveled in her art.

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