32730193.jpgAuthor – Sudeep Nagarkar

Rating – ***

Language – English

Number of Pages – 256

Love wins over all odds, respect to, your love is true love. The title itself is much attractive to drag the reader towards the book. The plot of the story is long distance relationship.


The story of ‘All Rights Reserved for You’ is about Aditya and Jasmine. Aditya is a writer and Jasmine is not much into books even thought of reading thrust back her. They came from different states, different religion, they have absolutely nothing in common. Yet they fall for each other and want to give it a shot while staying miles apart. Their distant relationship saw its own ups and downs, trust issues, not able to share the warmth by meeting often but they manage somehow and stayed in reach with skype, whatsapp and messenger. How far will they make it? Will their relationship made it to a marriage? Can you trust your partner who is miles apart? Is their love story is like any other love story where two people simply fall in love? Well, if your love is true nothing can set you apart.


It is to be said, story is a real life story of author which no one can justify however the love interest of Aditya is Jasmine and author’s wife also share a similar name. The book may be a better read for those who are still figuring out their distant relationship and for those who are puzzled in which direction to take the next step in their relation.