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32180529.jpgAuthor – Durjoy Datta

Rating – ****

Language – English

Number of Pages – 288

Life is a mystery itself and what when you find yourself a part of a mystery. Will you run? Will you fight?


Daman wakes up every morning with the same dream which was a part of his past of brutal reality. Irony is he only could see is a blurry face of a girl, her hypnotic stare and her name, Shreyasi, that was her name. He clearly moved on in his life after eighteen months of that fateful night but the dreams he saw every night never let him actually moved on. He started writing blogs out of his dreams and named the protagonist, Shreyasi where a publisher finds him and wants him to recollect the pieces of his blog and author a book. His new found love, Avni, does not like the idea of leaving a stable job to become a full time writer and on the other hand she is jealous of naming the protagonist of his story Shreyasi instead of her name, Avni. The book hit the stands and the fictitious character of story Shreyasi comes alive.


It can be seen author worked on his plot fastidiously and story has all the elements to engage reader. Story is a romantic thriller and twists and turns are placed right where they are intend and makes it compelling and hard to put down till it ends.