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32051736Author – Jason Pellegrini

Rating – 5/5 stars

Language – English

Number of Pages – 382

You cannot expect a better than this book has. Love, hate, fear is the essence of this book.

Joseph Bateman a deeply disturbed and bitter man waiting for last dawn of his life and eating jelly beans which brings his childhood memories which were not pleasant. He was waiting for his execution in morning murdering his sweetheart. In his last moments he was reflecting his life of twenty-sex years, what led him to this fate and seeks redemption. It all starts with his father’s violent acts and his childhood friend; both taught him how to hate. His life is filled with poor decisions and evil people. A miracle occurs and his soul rebirth in a body of a person who lived hundred years ago and now his soul is trapped inside a foreign body. He is sent back for a reason, a reason to earn redemption for his soul.

Booth is an emotional roller coaster ride from start to finish. It does not look like it’s his second book and he is still new. Jason has a talent for drawing a reader and his novel is so powerful. Book is addicting page turner.

Warning – This book is not for those who offended easily. Book has brutal details, there is lot of bloodshed, violence, innocent beating. You must be a person of strong heart and one who fantasized by dark tale. It is not the best read for a weak heart.