27556328.jpgAuthor – Ann Garvin

Rating – *****

Language – English

Number of Pages – 272

“Secrets are like pins pulled out of grenade, it’s just a matter of time until it blows out.”

Tiger lily or Dr. Tig Monahan is a psychologist and treats peoples mind and try to figure out why people behave in a certain way but her own life fall apart in few hours when a therapy session goes miserably wrong on her last day at job before heading to Hawaii with her boyfriend Pete who do not feel excited going with her to Hawaii any more. Tig finds herself unemployed, her mother fighting with dementia, her boyfriend takes off for Hawaii without her and her elder sister is nowhere to stand by her side and take the responsibility as an elder does. She is trying to take care of everyone and everything and try to redefine herself on a radio show as an arbiter of fairness and discovers a family secret that nobody saw coming.

Ann Garvin defines a life of a girl who cares for everyone and wants everything around her just in place. But every time she tried hard she failed wretchedly. A life story of a girl with a sense of humor who wants to live a better life, get loved and not to mother her mother. For all those who care for everyone but themselves.