33225122.jpgAuthor -Divya Prakash Dubey

Rating – *****

Language – Hindi

Number of Pages – 144

Come. Lets meet, the three brainchild of Divya Prakash Dubey first.

Meet Sudha – She is a divorce lawyer and witnessed marriages going apart everyday. She is independent, adamant, queen of her own world and of Chandar’s heart. She knows what she want from life and marriage is not in her agenda of life but a companion, a partner, yes, definitely. She do not think two people need to get married to live together. One more thing, Sudha dislike software engineers.

Meet Chandar – He is a software engineer. Oops!. He lives in mumbai and wants to get married because his family wants him to but its pain in neck to agree Sudha for marriage. He is a dreamer and wanted to be a story teller and his job and paycheck only help him in satisfying his material needs and despite promotion he feels hollow. One day he left Mumbai, Sudha, job behind for nowhere.

Meet Pummi – She runs a tours and travels business in a hill city Mussorie, Uttarakhand. She is a dreamer and ran from her house years ago to open Pummi Tours and Travels Pvt. Ltd.

The one-liners that the writer uses in this book are so apt that they will hit you hard. Three individuals looking for meaning of life and doing things in which they believe. Only few books can teach you, make you laugh until you roll on the floor and falling in love, this is one of those exceptional book.

Thoughtful, Hilarious, Promising, Distinguished.

Its a joy reading this book. Read to know how these three characters come together.