32180831.jpgAuthor – Prachi Garg

Rating – 5/5 stars

Number of Pages – 171

Publisher – Srishti Publishers and Distributors

A tale of 20 exceptional and inspirational women who created a niche in a world largely dominated by men. In fiercely competitive and self-centered world where almost everyone is running in a race to reach on top, these women abandon all the material needs and took the road less traveled. They challenged the challenges came in their way and emerge victorious. They are making others dreams come true, extending their helping hand in an attempt to make a world a better place. Read their encouraging stories –

1) Medhavi Gandhi – Happy Hands – Giving an identity to the art and culture of the country
2) Ria Sharma – Make love not Scars – Giving beauty a new dimensions
3) Richa Singh – Your Dost – Your anytime friend
4) Masoom Minawala – Style Fiesta – Delivers affordable fashion to aspiring girls
5) Rachana Nagaranee – Pitaraa – Handcrafted box of happiness
6) Richa Kar – Zivame – Desired destination of women of all ages
7) Sneha Raisoni – Tappu ki Dukaan – A space of creative expressions
8) Sunita Jaju & Swati Maheshwari – Rustic Art – Ecological solution of healthy living
9) Alicia Souza – Skilled illustrator
10) Anisha Singh – Mydala – shop and save
11) Charnita Arora – Perfect Life Spot – Academic substitute of interactive and experimental learning
12) Falak Randerian – My Little Chatter-box – Helping children develop healthy reading habits
13) Geetika Chadha – Imagenie – Your image consultant
14) Pankhuri Shrivastava – Grab House – Find your dream home
15) Rashi Narang – Hands up for tails – Exclusive merchandise for pets
16) Saumya Vardhan – Shubh Pooja – Religious and astrological consultancy
17) Sneh Pradhan – Ittisa – women’s world
18) Surbhi Mahajan – Dermatocare – accessible skin care solutions
19) Tina Garg – Pink Lemonade – Creative business communication
20) Vidula Kantikar Kothare – Think Creative Adsolutions Pvt. Ltd.

Prachi Garg conceptualize this brilliant idea of 20 motivating stories of women of this new age. She not only bring together a book but gave an insight of these dynamic risk-takers. If your are looking for stimulation to go get your dreams, this book will work as an inspiration.

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‘I received a copy from Author in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.’