31115936.jpgAuthor – Tarang Sinha

Rating – ***

Language – English

Number of Pages – 189

First love is always special. It gives a feeling of existence that we really mean something to someone. But, true love is hard to find, but, it does exists.

Paridhi is an ordinary girl of simple dreams. She fall in love with the most charming boy of her college, Mihir. She loved him insanely and love made her vulnerable. Mihir is a rich spoil brat and Paridhi is not the first and the only girl in his life. Truth came in front of her in a harsh way and left Paridhi shattered. She became brittle and afraid to trust a boy till she met Abhigyan. Abhigyan loved her truly but she wasn’t sure about her feelings for him. Her emotions played flip-flop with her. Abhigyan is not like any other boy, he is a man of words and it is getting on his nerve to make her believe on his love. Loving someone and get loved is never been easy.

It is a story of finding true love; trusting someone. Sometimes, your true soul mate stands in front of you and you do not want to trust your faith.
For all those who believe in love, who believe in true love exists. Trust someone, love the person and let your heart move with Tarang Sinha.