29470780.jpgAuthor – Neeraj Mishra

Rating – ****

Language – English

Number of Pages – 175

An old adage – Everything is fair in love (and) (forget about war, its a love story). Does anyone have the courage to go to any extent to get his love or the courage is only we saw in the hero of a movie. well, the protagonist is the hero of the story and ready to break any law of the world.

Manav came to Banglore to study Hotel Management from Patna and out of curiosity of meeting new people he loged in internet chatroom start sending requests randomly to the girls. There he met Sriti Agarwal who lives in Banglore, belonged to a Marwari family and studies in school. A casual chat becomes a routine and soon they started liking each other and eventually fall in love. If love becomes so simple then whats the fun in ‘Falling in Love’. They came from different background, different religion and road to their love had four road bumps – her father, mother and two elder brothers.

Story is about new age internet love. Conversations over chat is crispy and fun to read. Story make you smile on occasions when they were chatting, when Manav made a mental note or recalling a mental note. Love story with a nice blend of humour.