29856080.jpgAuthor – Nilesh Rathod

Rating – *****

Language – English

Number of Pages – 244

Life teaches us the biggest lesson and came face to face when we are not ready to take it at all. But that is how life is, unexpected, full of surprises which may turn in to biggest disasters of life (sometimes!).

Atul is a successful entrepreneur who co-founded a Telecom Company with colleagues from his previous work and friends. He married to the girl he loved Roshni. But, life is not simple as it looks. After years of marriage, the love they once had is now lost somewhere. The business is growing and planned to expended further but with all the ethical means. They do not bothered much about ethics this time which they followed till date, not to inject dirty or foul money in business and went further to acquire new telecom project in any case, anyhow.

The book has elements of love, politics, dilemma between right and what needs to be done. However, the author is a debutant and Destiny of Shattered Dreams is his first novel and he absolutely nailed it! The story runs at a pace of thoughts and able to seize your breath. Every time you make the key, the moment, author changed the lock. Sit back and let the author take you to his world of story telling and be ready for the unexpected.

Gripping, engrossing, captivating, enthralling.