32486679.jpgAuthor – Deepanshu Saini

Rating – ****

Language – English

Number of Pages – 146

We found our solace in sharing our feelings with someone we can trust and who can listen to us, just listen, sitting there and listen to us, no suggestions, no pique expressions. And what if that would be is a diary, never ask a question, and always there like a true companion.

Pournima is an independent girl who believes in living her life on her terms. She falls in love, not once but twice and every time she finds it hard to believe that the person she loved looks at her as mere body. She finds peace in talking to her diary and compose when there is anything worth noting. What happened when her husband find her diary?

The book is a diary of a girl who put her heart out into words, the things she afraid to share with anyone. The incidences of her life are put in a story format, the way they happened and sometimes she is talking to her diary. Reading a plan text or a one way conversation can be a downer but the way the author put it down you will not fell disappointed. The length of the book is short and as the book is written as a diary of a girl, it could be of any length. Its a nice read, a grappling book, written with honesty and has all the elements to captivate you till you finish the book.