32486101Author – Mohit Goyal

Rating – ****

Language – English

Number of Pages – 200

Have you ever been on a road trip or ever dreamed of being on one. This book offers you an experience that you wished you may have. It is a new age story filled with fun, adventure, love.

A travelogue of two childhood friends and a girl (girlfriend of one of the boys) went on a life changing experience to cover twenty-five spots to length and breadth of India for three month. Abhay aka Ab after many years of his parents divorce still figuring out why his parents took the step and not like any other parents who live together. Shashank aka Sasha is a great time foody and food is always in his mind, he wants to open a sweet shop but afraid. Unnati aka Unns is girlfriend of Sasha, and the foremost factor that she was considered for the trip.

The three musketeers began their journey from Delhi and ended at Taj Mahal. The story is not about how to take a road trip and which spots to cover. It is about once in a life time experience they have been planning from long. They have planned an adventure road trip but not all that happened to then on journey. They came back as a changed person and more involved in life and at peace.

Story is of three months of young Twenty-five year old three friends who went on for some adventure and finding the answers of their life. The story has some pinch of Bollywood masala and do not expect detailed history of twenty-five spots. Its not about the Spots, its about the three travellors.