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30729697Author – Sourabh Mukherjee

Rating – *****

Language – English

Number of pages – 48

The words first came to my mind are mesmerizing, insanely good, spell bound.

Many, many books have been written on the theme of love and passion but not every book and every story lived the love as stories of Sourabh Mukerjee did.

The book comprises of FOUR short stories
1) Nargis through my summers.- With this one story, I would say Sourabh Mukherjee is not an author he is a magician.
The boy waited long and long to tell his beloved that how much he love her and no one else can love her the way he does. But, he never did so.
He waited, he dreamed and one day saw her married off.

2) Mine Forever.- Love never dies, if it does, it is not love.
He loved her, he romanced with her, he danced with her, he cried in front of her.
She talked, teased, console and vanish.
His beloved wife who is now a memory from past, left him in the hands of faith.

3) Memories.- He loved her and she rewarded him with betrayal.
Story of love and betrayal.

4) Love came calling again.- When faith and destiny met something unexpected but desired happens.
This is what happened with Riya and Karan, the two souls meant to be together, they parted but not for long.

Corollary – The book is worth your time and money. Sourabh Mukherjee did a commendable job with uncommon plot of love, passion and betrayal. Characters came alive when you move on in the story and romance in front of you and you will unable to hold back to live and love with them.