31557698.jpgAuthor – Chetan Bhagat

Rating – ***

Language – English

Number of pages – 280

The story is about One Indian Girl (not about every Indian girl, she is here not representing Indian women but telling her story, read on like that keeping aside your bias) who has dreams, want to get loved.

Radhika made it in to Goldman Sachs and earned more than any other guy she knows. But like any other parents of Indian child who always want their kid to get married as soon as they can (sometimes I wonder what right decision has made by Indian govt. regarding the minimum age of marriage otherwise no power can stop parents to get their kids married before adulthood) Radhika’s parents are no exception. She joined Goldman in New York, there she met a boy and dated, for the first time she is in a relationship and as we are all think the first is the only last and will last for decades if not for centuries or for another life. Radhika had the same thought (mostly I guess because its her first affair). Things going smoothe with the job and in relationship until a midnight argument. After 2 years in New York she left for Hongkong, then London. Why? Well! for that you need to read the book.

For some reason I find, was watching a Bollywood movie, may be because most of the authors book are eventually turned into a Bollywood movie. But in some way, I find it is authors desperate attempt to lure the Producers to consider his new book for a Bollywood movie. I can not really tell.

The story is quite predictable, and full of Bollywood masala and if a movie will be made like his other books it will be a good entertainment.

I’ll give you the reasons to read this book…
1) you love high end drama in every single thing.
2) You are a big fan of Chetan Bhagat.
3) You are a Bollywood movie buff.