tinytale #4 ‘Balloon’


She was crying. Tears mapping her face to the neck leaving their marks behind. She is pulling her mother with one hand and pointing to the balloon with other. Her mother paid no heed to her cries and look to the side where the bus is about to come.

The balloon vendor watched it all. He looks at the mother and then to the girl. Her cries turned into sobs but her eyes are still plastered on the balloon. The balloon vendor came near to the girl and hand her a thread tying to the pink balloon on the top. She cheered aloud “yay, balloon. Mumma balloon”

The bus came. Her mother takes her hand in hers and climbed on the bus.


tinytale #3 ‘Era’


One day notebook asked the pen “I love whenever you come to meet. You make my blank pages worthy to read. But, sometimes you disappoint me by all those heartless things and hatred you write on me.”

“Sorry to disappoint you. I am bound to my master whatever he wants he can do to me. You know sometimes in anger he throws me on the floor. I lie flat on the floor till he picks me. Yesterday, he chewed my end, then he gives a disgusting look to me. Irony!”

“Oh, sorry to hear that” notebook showed a little sympathy.

Pen continued “I want to write an era but I know I can’t. Every time my master writes I came close to a finish, and one day will be thrown out.”

Master came, picked the pen, open the notebook and started scribbling.

UNNS – The Captivation


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34272853Author – Sapan Saxena

Rating – 4/5 stars

Number of Pages – 244

Publisher – Inspire India Publisher

“There is nothing more auspicious for someone who loves a soul to die for him or her”

Do you know about the seven stages of love in Urdu? I am sure you know about love and lived it. You have your own love story and someone so special in your life. Then you must have known about the stages of love. The story of your love starts from ‘Hub’, the stage of attraction and ends at ‘Maut’, the stage of death. ‘UNNS’ is the stage of infatuation when people think they are in love but actually aren’t; it’s merely attraction and ‘The Captivation’.

Atharva Rathod and Meher Qasim studied in the same school and befriended. They started liking each other and find excuses to spend their time after school with each other. But, their love doesn’t last longer. Meher’s parents come to know about their relation and disapprove it. After school, Meher left the country to Germany for higher education. The circumstances make them parted their ways but destiny has other plans for them.

Atharva and Meher met after fifteen years in Munich, Germany. This time Atharva is on a secret mission. Their life has changed; they have changed and a lot has happened in these fifteen years. Will they rekindle their love for each other?

The story is a soulful love story of Meher and Atharva. Their quintessential tale of love and romance. A tale of undying love, their absolute love. The story lived the seven stages of the love and makes you fall in love with it. The way the Author explained and lived the seven stages of love with its Protagonist is never seen before experience.

Embark on a journey of love with Sapan Saxena marked beautifully by its own rustic old school charm. Live the love through the seven stages. The climax of the book is fabulous and gives a beautiful ending to the perfect love story. The ending cannot be better than this.

The cover of the book is designed by Ajitabha Bose. He is a writer, filmmaker, designer and an entrepreneur. He is a world record holder for publishing the smallest love story book in India.


Author’s Bio

Sapan Saxena is a software engineer by profession and an author by choice. Born in the city of Nawabs Lucknow, he earned his engineering degree from MNNIT Allahabad. Sapan started writing when he was coding for a complex algorithm and found that a fictional story would at least make some sense.

Currently based in Nashua, New Hampshire, he is the author of the highly acclaimed ‘Finders, Keepers’. UNNS-The Captivation is his 2nd attempt at writing fiction.

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tinytale #2 ‘Canvas’


Tiny drops falling from the sky painted the ground wet making it appear darker. Each drop kisses the ground and makes its own. The ground erects the pleasant petrichor, happy to embrace the rain.

I think they are meeting after many months.

The day is the date of soil and rain.

The soil becomes dry while waiting for his beloved rain. Today the clouds came and bring rain with them and that’s how they finally met. Their love for each other made the whole milieu tranquil and clouds covered the sun that no one can get their secret.

But, it’s impossible, you cannot hide the true love.

The earth becomes a canvas and the sky becomes the painter, painted the earth wet.

tinytale #1 ‘Star’


“Will you be my girlfriend?” A boy aged 3years asked the girl aged 2years sitting on a bench wearing a pink frock and looking at the sky. He came near and sit on the empty space on the bench.

The girl looked at him, curled her nose and said “No”

“Why? My mom says I am a good boy”

“No” she is adamant.

“I will share my chocolates and toys with you if you become my girlfriend.”


“What do you want then, I will bring it for you.” the boy is still hopeful.

She cheered a little and eyes get bigger. She looked at him and then at her hands holding two silver broken pieces. “I broke my star yesterday. I pin them in my hair. Will you bring me that star?” finger pointing to the sky and eyes gazing at the boy

“No” boy replied.

The Quest of the Sparrows



27802095.jpgAuthor – Kartik Sharma and Ravi ‘Nirmal’ Sharma

Rating – 5/5 stars

Number of pages – 261

Publisher – Rupa Publications

Life is a journey to evolve, being your better self. Every day presents an opportunity to being better than yesterday. ‘The Quest of the Sparrows’ is a journey to discover your true potential. It is a journey to find the purpose of your existence.

Nikhil is living in London with his dysfunctional family. Seeking some peace of mind and answers for the way his life turned, he comes to an ashram in India. He took a journey with the fellow seekers, unsure he will ever find the answers. Will he be evolved and finds his higher self?

Sanjeev a private detective hired to spy on Swami Partibhan to prove him a fraud. Is Partibhan a God saint or a fraud that does all for popularity and attention? Will Sanjeev show his true face to everyone?

Swami Partibhan, a seemingly ordinary man who reluctantly takes up the place of his father sets off with his followers and seekers on a taxing journey that changes their mindsets and lives forever. Inspired by the carefree life of the sparrow, this journey is to teach them some of the life turning lessons and test his theory of practical spirituality. The only condition of this journey is to disentangle from all the materialistic possessions, shed your unnecessary anxieties and explore the joy of freedom.

The story is enlightening, intriguing and engaging. It explores the avenues of spirituality through the life of the sparrow. The work is a religious and spiritual fiction and does not give an emphasis on leaving everything aside and become an ascetic, but, small contributions on our part can make the world a better place.

We either live in past or in future. The time we have is taken for granted and when we lost it our whole life felt worthless. The story is thought provoking and stresses to find the meaning of life and an everlasting joy. The story will surely leave their mark on your mind and the way you perceive things in your life.

Author’s Bio

Kartik Sharma is an investment banker. He is an alumnus of IIT Delhi and IIM Ahmedabad. His ambition is to create change, to unlock the exceptional potential locked within each one of us and go for the next stage in evolution where ‘it all starts making sense’.

Ravi ‘Nirmal’ Sharma is an Associate Creative Director (concepts and copy) with a reputed multinational agency. Making sense about the business of living is his passion. He believes each one of us is born with a unique talent, which if actuated, contributes to evolution.

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Wants And Desires


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34735847.jpgAuthor – Chitangada Mukherjee

Rating – 4/5 stars

Number of pages – 180

Publisher – Self-Published

He died. Who? Sukanto Bhattacherjee.

Sukanto, sole heir of the wealthy Bhattacharjee family found dead in his own house ‘Bhattacharjee Bari’, in his study room in early hours of the morning, when he didn’t came out for breakfast and no one saw him since last night. His family looked for him and found him sitting on a chair, head rested on the table capped with hands. There was no trace of blood or any foul play, he died sleeping peacefully. The Police started their investigation and in the initial search, they found a note. A suicide note by Sukanto but not written. The suicide note was typed and placed carefully under his favourite crystal jug. He did not cut his wrist, he didn’t consume any poisonous substance, and he didn’t hang himself. His autopsy report, too, indicates organ failure.

He just died.

Was it really a suicide or a well-planned murder?

Sukanto left behind a shocked mother, hapless wife, tormented friend, a paranoid paramour and mystery of his death.

The story is a psychological thriller and suspense is deep hidden. You need to dig deeper to find the truth and remove the façade worn by the murderer. The story is the mystery of the death of Sukanto, who died in mysterious circumstances in his own house. When I first started reading the book, I found the initial chapters stretched to the length, but when I proceed in the story I found them relevant and connected in the later part of the story. The second half of the story will hook you at one place till you finish the book.

The book narrated the story of a Bengali family. The author used few Bengali lexemes and some common terms of the language at places that only makes it more relatable. The book is lovable by the mystery readers. It will boggle their mind; unnerving secrets will reveal deeply hidden secrets of a family and expose the truth. The weaving of the plot is beyond doubt and brilliantly done. The way the story unfolds is unexpected and no one can discern what he/she will come across on next page.

Author’s BioChitrangada Mukherjee was born and brought up in Agartala, Tripura. She graduated and post-graduated from Presidency College in Kolkata. She worked as a writer, editor, English Quiz master, soft skill trainer and school teacher in South India. She lives with her five-year-old daughter and Bong husband in Chennai and blogs on writing on mangochaat.com

You can get in touch with her on facebook/chitranda.mukherjee and bombard her with queries and comments on mangochaat.com

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Think With Me



33861242.jpgAuthor – ‘Saharasri’ Subrata Roy Sahara

Rating – 3/5 stars

Number of Pages – 128

Publisher – Rupa Publications

‘Think With Me’ is written with the thought to incite the citizens of India to think of their country, rise above from individual benefits, rise from ‘I’ and ‘My’ and think for the development of the country. The author wants to insight the challenges the country is currently facing.

Author, as a countryman, finds his emotional and moral responsibility to bring attention to these problems which he thinks is the five fundamental issues needs to be resolved for the development of the country and betterment of its citizens. The five fundamental problems are related to politics, leadership, population growth, education, the media, and religion. The author wants his every sincere and respectable countryman to ponder over where, after all, ‘did we go wrong?’

Yes, in past decade India has shown a tremendous pace in growth and among one of the fastest developing nations. But, these issues need an immediate attention. There are laws made in regard but mere making laws do not solve the problems; they need strict implementation and amelioration of them and above all, the participation from the countrymen.

He is worried looking at the growing corruption in the politics and irresponsible behaviors of the politicians, the degraded standard of education which only imparts a degree and not making a better human, the speed of populations’ growth which only flights every year despite the laws and efforts not yielding any results, the role of media in society and religion which is considered an important arm of the society.

He discussed the issues at length in his book and wants everyone and not just readers and those who are occupying the higher posts of leadership and decision-making to think with him and act before it is getting too late. He suggests some solutions which could be implemented for the benefit and prosperity of the nation. He is not writing this book to agree with him, he wants to bring in light the issues and compels to think deep and justifiably. It is an honest effort by the author to fulfill his duty as a citizen of the country and made a collective effort with the people of his beloved country.

Author’s Bio – Subrata Roy Sahara popularly known as ‘Saharasri’, is one of the most successful and talked about figures of corporate India. He laid the foundation of Sahara India Pariwar in 1978. ‘Think With Me’ is his second book in the ‘Thoughts from Tihar’ trilogy. The first book ‘Life Mantras’, was a National Bestseller after its launch in February 2016.

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Anxiety Girl



33851955.jpgAuthor – Lacey London

Rating – 5/5 stars

Number of pages – 271

Publisher – SSO Publishing

Lacey London is a bestselling author of Clara Andrew Series. Her newest release is ‘Anxiety Girl’ is about a girl Sadie Valentine who is like any other girl and suffers from anxiety, depression, and panic. The life when do not turn out the way we want or turn into a wrong direction, we experience an anxiety. It is not a problem, a certain limit of anxiety is very normal in daily life and one cannot ignore it but when anxiety over power your mind and takes a toll on your life then it needs to be taken care of and that is what Sadie experiences in her life.

Sadie Valentine is an artist. She paints. She sells her paintings and that is her only income. A series of events lands her into a state of anxiety and one day she experiences a panic attack. Over months her life takes every wrong turn and she bottled them is like digging her own grave. With her best friend Aldo by her side on every step will she able to fight the three devils ‘panic, depression, and anxiety’?

The story deals with serious issues which often swept under the carpet or ignored. The one who suffers felt ashamed to voice his/her illness. The issue is handled carefully and comprehendingly. The story voices many who are going through the same period. The story also accounts friendship of Aldo and Sadie.  A painstaking story of Sadie Valentine by Lacey London.

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How I became a Tree


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34532567.jpgAuthor – Sumana Roy

Rating – 4/5 stars

Number of Pages – 244

Publisher – Aleph Books

“I was tired of speed. I want to live to tree time.” – Sumana Roy

People do not usually look at the thing or here to say trees, as author see them. She finds them as a companion, a family member, someone she likes to talk and be with, and wonders, do they feel the same as humans do, like to cry in pain, laugh in happiness. Do they worry about how they look? Do they fear death?

The author is fascinated with the plants. She finds an escape root in the company of them, from the noises and violence. The noise spears the heart and violence that spear humanity. She finds her solace in the company of that brown and green piece of nature, well crafted and often ignored.

She wants to live in tree time like trees do not run with the clock time. They have their own time zone, unabashed. They are not in hurry to reach anywhere; they stand at one place and grow taller and higher, wider and bigger. New branches, new leaves come and old ones left the place for new ones. They talk to the wind and never complain of non-movement and loneliness.

The book might not be for every reader, but one’s who love nature and loves to spend a good amount of time with them and feels peace and calm in their company, will able to relate themselves with the author. We have many types of obsessions but hardly seen anyone obsessed with trees, despite, the trees all through their life gives us so much and rarely anyone appreciated their kindness.

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