tinytale #42 ‘Sky is the Limit’


She came flying down sits on a tall tree looking for something. She flies from one branch to another sits under the cover of leaves to rest for a while, to catch her breath.

She chirps calling her friends to join in the fun. She drank, bathe and danced in the water having her time and flies again.

She does not stop at one place, going from one place to another looks like in a hurry, like someone is waiting for her, like she is keen to meet someone, like she wants to reach somewhere soon, very soon. And she flies again in the open sky with no boundaries and no limits.

The sky is the limit for her and no one can stop her till she stops herself, only to start again. She trusts on her wings.

Do you?

When the Chief fell in Love



38209311Author – Tuhin A. Sinha

Rating – 3.5/5 stars

Number of Pages – 248

Publisher – Fingerprint Publishers

This is a story of two souls crossing paths again and again by fate and fell in love accidentally. Will destiny bring them together never to part them? This is a story of Vihaan Shastri and Zaira Bhat. Vihaan, a young and dynamic boy seeing his future in politics lost his heart to Zaira. Zaira never able to fall in love again lost her heart to Vihaan.

The love affair begins in 1990 to not end ever. It is a story of eternal love and what it takes to love someone eternally. Loving someone more than your life and losing them, again and again, seeing her go away from your hands when it was so near to get hold and stop. A love story tangled in political aspirations and dreams.

The story constitutes some real events supporting the plot and pushes the story further such as India’s counter strike in 2016. The two leaps in the story are interesting to watch shaping their lives but did not change their feelings for each other. It is interesting to see the development of the story flowing smoothly through time and travel.

The plot is interesting with intriguing storyline settled in the backdrop of Kashmir and its troubled fortune. The story raises many questions and the protagonist as a young politician has ambitious plans to bring peace in the valley and to their people who deserve more than an unsettled life surrounded by the blooded fate of Kashmir. It also tells how a politician should be.

The poems are good and leave you wanting more of them. A simple story of love and its complications. A story that does not end on the last page of the book and goes beyond.

Author Bio

Tuhin A. Sinha is a best-selling author and politician.

Tuhin is acknowledged among the most prolific Indian writers with a maverick knack of experimenting with new genres. His first book came in 2006, That Thing Called Love and this is his tenth book in eleven and half years now.

Tuhin has also been a screenwriter of several popular TV shows, Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai, being one of them, which he co-writes in 2011-12.

At present, Tuhin is involved as a special initiative advisor to Shri Nitin Gadkari for his ministries, with a special focus on designing newer communication strategies for Road Safety and Namami Gange. He is also a prominent face on prime-time debates on national television, representing the BJP.

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Nautanki Diaries


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image016 (1).jpgAuthor – Dominic Franks

Rating – 5/5 stars

Number of Pages – 272

Publisher – Rupa Publications

Nautanki Diaries is a journey of dream and endurance author dreamed much before he actually had undertaken and hit the road in 2010. Inspired by his teacher who had gone on a similar yatra years ago. His experience helped him to stay put and push his limits to the edge of breaking down.

He explored his country from journey begins from Bengaluru to New Delhi to reach in time for the 2010 Commonwealth Games. The author takes you on a journey of twenty-two days on a cycle describing the India he found reckon with conversations he has along the way.

Nautanki Diaries is a love story of a man and his ‘doodhwalla’ bicycle. Nautanki has her own tantrum and she is the best travel partner and a companion one would think of. She worthy to be trusted and takes good care of her rider not creating much ruckus when treated with love and care; regular service and oiling of her parts.

The time I started the book, I fell in love with Nautanki. She looks like the best companion Dominic can ever think he had. She is his travel partner and a girl-friend he trusted with his life.

The writing is at its best. One could not think of a better-written travelogue than this one. This is one of the best-written non-fiction travel diaries and I will like to read it again. It is a well-crafted smooth read with a quirky humor and candor. I like every inch of it and recommend to every reader wants to read something refreshingly new.

Author Bio

Dominic Franks graduated from Bangalore Medical College. His passion for sports led him to give up his career in medicine and join a premier sports channel. In September 2010, he decided to go on a cross-country bicycle journey from Bengaluru to New Delhi to witness the Commonwealth Games. It’s Not About the Cycle – winner of Best Adventure Film at the 2017 Toronto Beaches Film Festival – stars Nautanki, his bicycle, the central character of Nautanki Diaries.

Currently, he is working on producing his first documentary feature about human-animal relationships.

When not working to travel, or traveling on works, Franks holes up in Bengaluru where he lives, laughs and loves.

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Cross Connection



38530841.jpgAuthor – Deepali Joshi Adhikary

Rating – 3/5 stars

Number of Pages – 41

Publisher – Amazon

Cross Connection is inspired by the life of the author. The marriage in India is a big festivity. It is not a union between two people but the two families. Cross Connection is the story of a two clan, religion, and culture comes under one roof when two people fell in love with each other and take a step forward, marriage.

It is a memoir of personal experience of author’s life, includes marriage, parenting and more. The story is written in a light mood with sweet and spicy encounters of her life. The story has a lot of scope in terms of narration. It is filled with quirky humor and challenges she faced in coming to terms with her new life in completely different culture. Deepali has been writing and contributing to publications and that reflects in her writing this book.

It is a light-hearted and quick read. An enjoyable, interesting and nicely written story of two cultures of rosogolla and puran poli.

Author Bio

Deepali Joshi Adhikary is an Indore based freelance writer and blogger. She blogs at Kolorpencil.com and contributes to various online publications. She also works with brands as a social influencer. Her writings portfolio spans across light-hearted humor to social issues, her parenting challenges and reviews of books.

An ex-banker, Deepali is also a corporate trainer and an educator. She has a keen interest in andragogy as well as pedagogy and loves to work with different age groups. When she is not writing or training, she likes to read and watch movies.

Connect with her on www.kolorpencil.com

FB: @deepali.joshi.1865

Twitter: @deepaliadhikary

Instagram: @strokesofkolorpencil

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tinytale #41 ‘Third Eye’


I saw the pain and I saw remorse.

I saw the smile and I saw celebration.

I saw the blue sky and I saw the rainbow.

I saw the rain and I smell petrichor.

I saw the world through the eyes of the people and I saw the people around the world. What I did not comprehend is what cause them deep pain and how all of a sudden their lips form a curve. What are these people who can smile in pain?

I thought I know them. I guess wrong. They are no ordinary. An ordinary human does not possess such great strength.

I need a third eye to peep into the hearts of the people to see the things my eyes could not if it means to dive deep to find a pearl.

Stories from Saratchandra


image016.jpgAuthor – Saratchandra Chattopadhyay

Translation – Anindita Mukhopadhyay

Rating – 4/5 stars

Number of Pages – 195

Publisher – Rupa Publications

Saratchandra is one of the most prominent Bengali novelist and short story writers of twentieth-century India. He has a number of stories to his credit written in Bengali language and many of them adapted in movies and plays. This book brings some of his stories translated into English for the readers unknown to Bengali. Most of his work deals with the lifestyle, tragedy and struggle of the village people and the contemporary social practices that prevailed in Bengal of that time. The stories are as old as nearly hundred years.

The stories come from the everyday life of a common man and underprivileged and deprived class of the society. The stories come from rural India. The stories in this book prominently focused on the untouchability, exploitation of the poor by the rich class and the men in power.

This collection has twelve widely acclaimed short stories of the author. The stories ranged from childhood memories of notoriety, a teenage love story which breaks the barrier of the social caste system, a lonely mother, a helpless farmer and other stories showing the facets of society. The ambiance of stories is based on older Bengal of the early twentieth century.

The stories run at a slow pace and take time to build the character. Sometimes I felt the characters lost the track but it was only the time story formulate. They are written in the same manner the stories had written by other writers of that time. You need to be a little patient and read the story till the end to fell in the delight of his writing.

Translation of hard reality, casteism, presenting a vivid picture of rural Bengal.


Saratchandra Chattopadhyay (1876-1938) was one of the most prolific novelists and short story writers from Bengal in the early twentieth century. Among his novels, his most notable works include Baikunther Will, Pather Dabi, Devdas and Srikanta: stories such as ‘Mejdidi’ and ‘Mohesh’ rank among the most loved. Saratchandra’s powerful portrayals of human, economic and social distress, colonialism, middle-class lives and the rural world are still widely read, translated and have been adapted into films.

Anindita Mukhopadhyay teaches History at the University of Hyderabad and was formerly fellow at the Indian Institute of Advanced Study, Shimla. She completed her graduation from Presidency College, Calcutta University, Kolkata, her Masters and M.Phil. from Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi, and her Doctoral dissertation from the School of Oriental and African Studies, London. She has translated Rabindranath Tagore’s ‘Sesher Kobita’ – The Last Poem (2007) and authored Behind the Mask: The Cultural Definition of the Legal Subject (2013).

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The Accident


38504261Author – Shree Janani

Rating – 4/5 stars

Number of Pages – 12


Format – ebook

The Accident is a story about an accident which changed the life of two people. In the eyes of the law, the accident happened by the ignorance of the driver and killed a person along with the lady driving the car.

A married man runs out of the house for a run after a bitter argument with his wife to calm himself before bringing the topic again and convince his wife for that matter. A middle-aged woman went out in a rush after reaching no conclusion of a decision she made with her husband. The fate brings both of them on the same spot and met the same destiny.

The Accident is a short story of twelve pages. It is a short thriller which ends on a cliffhanger and leaves you wanting more. I love the plot of the story, it is brilliant. The story completes a full circle and ends where it starts. It is a story of four individuals collided by fate.

The story has more to say. An element of suspense with an unexpected ending. Best for a quick read. A good, engaging and enthralling read.

Author Bio

Shree Janani is a simple human with curly hairs. She is an engineer by education and profession and a writer by vocation. She is a proud bibliophile and love to write and read and sometimes bake cakes. Music is her other love and gives insane pleasure. She aspires to be a good human. You can connect with her at Goodreads, Twitter@shreejanani. Website – iwritehere.wordpress.com

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The Fisher Queen’s Dynasty



36641687.jpgAuthor – Kavita Kane

Rating – 5/5 stars

Number of Pages – 400

Publisher – Westland Books

Kavita Kane is known for her unique writing style and uncovering the lesser known female characters of the Indian mythology. These women characters are strong but never had come to light. Kavita introducing them to her readers and giving them a chance to decide their role in the tales widely read. She is a bestselling author and her every book has female characters comes from epic tales of Mahabharata and Ramayana.

The Fisher Queens Dynasty is a story of Satyavati, Kali, Matsygandha, the queen of Hastinapur. The girl had gone through so much in her life right through her birth and lived a life of abundance. She is determined to win what is hers: the throne of Hastinapur. This girl has only one aim in life is, to rule, at whatever cost it demands. She is unapologetic, heartless, sly and determined.

The story is not only about Satyavati, it offers more for her readers. It also brought to light, the character of Bhism in a wider perspective and equally given space to develop his character. The girl and her sky ambitions give way to the war of Kurukshetra. In this tale of desire, she loses herself in winning the throne. She is hurt, scorned, cheated and disdained.

I had a love and hate relationship with Satyavati. She is wicked and mean but she has a different side too. She is a daughter, a mother, a wife and a queen. This book will change the way you had read or seen the longest epic of the world, Mahabharata. The language is lucid and storytelling is engaging. I read her writing before; I had no doubt for her writing style. A remarkable and piercing tale of a woman.

Author Bio

Kavita Kane is the bestselling author of four books, all based on Indian mythology: Karna’s Wife (2013), Sita’s Sister (2014), Menaka’s choice (2015) and Lanka’s Princess (2016). A senior journalist with a career of over two decades, she quit her job to write books. With a post-graduate degree in English Literature and Journalism and Mass Communication from the University of Pune, the only skill she has, she confesses, is writing.

Born in Mumbai, with a childhood spent largely in Patna and Delhi, she lives in Pune with her mariner husband Prakash, two daughters, Kimaya and Amiya, two dogs, Beau and Chic, and the uncurious cat Cotton.

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Khwaabon Ka Safar


image005.jpgBased on popular Television Show on EPIC Channel

Rating – 4/5 stars

Number of Pages – 231

Publisher – Rupa Publications

The book is a short encyclopedia of the film industry of India. The stories, the directors, the banners and the people behind the camera that shaped and brings the trend of Bollywood formula films that still works. The films that are still remembered as cinema classics, the films that give an identity to the Indian film industry on international stage, the films that give big names such as Guru Dutt, Durga Khote, all are coming together in this book.

Based on the popular television show by the same title on one of the leading entertainment platform, EPIC Television Channel. Khwaabon Ka Safar with Mahesh Bhatt takes you on a journey to visit the Bollywood’s landmark film studios which gives the cinema a new height not only in the country but created a stage to showcase the stories in the international film festivals. They created some of the masterpieces that draw the attention of the world cinema to Bollywood and brings with it some early partnerships with best filmmakers.

The show is the attempt to keep the history of cinema alive and revisit some of the early days of the foundation of the cinema. The book is for all the film fanatics. It brings back the golden past of the Indian cinema offering stories of Bollywood’s top thirteen studios beginning with Prabhat Film Company (1929) which later made into the Film and Television Institute on India (FTII) and concluding with Filmayala (1958) which gives romantic comedies to the cinema.

A great endearing read introduces you to some of the lost pages of cinema.

The show must go on.


Launched in November 2014, EPIC Television Channel is India’s leading factual entertainment platform. An India-centric content-driven destination, EPIC has been bestowed with several accolades, including the prestigious 12 PromaxBDA Award across various categories as well as the Indian Television Academy Award for the show ‘Stories by Rabindranath Tagore’. Famed for its inaugural history and focus on mythology, EPIC has recently elevated its brand proposition and now showcases a wide array of original content across various genres.

EPIC has an extensive catalogue of original programming and a reputation for excellence in premium factual content that celebrates, explores, discovers and inspires India through untold stories, facts and possibilities – a channel which tells the story of the people, for the people and by the people of India.

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tinytale #40 ‘You Only Live Once’


Are you the person you were yesterday?


Then why are you carrying the time that has long gone on your shoulders? You are only delaying the time long lost.

A lot had happened in the times called yesterday. A time that shaped you and made the person you are today. You should thank yesterday for making you a better version. No?

Yesterday, a gift given to you. You wanted it or not, no one asked. Today is the time yet again to challenge the fate and write your destiny. Tomorrow is the time that never comes.

In life, you always have a yesterday to mourn on your mistakes and regret on your misdeeds and a today to born again and live. Forget tomorrow, you got no control over it.

Learn. Live. Move on.

Do not wake up every morning. Born.