tinytale #53 ‘A place, I call Home’


I slip my hands into my pockets and carry on walking on the crowded pavement. I hear the sound of loud chatters, the laughter, people standing outside the restaurant waiting for the table, a group of youngsters’ busy planning the weekend.

A band of guitarists playing at one corner of the street engaging every passerby. Few are standing to kill the time and other appreciating the artists with wide eyes. I pause to listen.

After a right turn then a left turn I reach to a place, I call my own, my home. I enter and silence welcomes me. That silence tells me that, ‘now you are safe inside the walls of this house’. My home is the most comforting place on this planet where I shed all the pretense and be myself. My house is my safe haven.

tinytale #52 ‘Years, I Lost’


I try to find a box of old clothes. I am thinking to help those in need of them. I push aside some boxes and open one to find the right box. It carries the books I long abandoned. Once was a time they were a part of my life then comes a time I packed them in a box. I devoted all my time to studies and then to my job thinking one day I will have enough time for them, that day never came.

Somewhere in chasing success, I lost myself. I stopped reading and with that, I lost the companion of my nights, my coffee breaks. The empty space takes over by excel sheets.

I bring the box in my room and stack them near my bed. I have lost a considerable time and do not want to lose myself again.

tinytale #51 ‘True Blessing’


Lying on the grass and blue sky above her, she is finding her place in this world. She looks at the sky covering the head of every being on this planet yet only a few appreciate it. Only a few acknowledge the blessing that they are alive and got more time than millions of others who have died last night.

She sits on the grass and watches the morning sun coming out from behind the sheet of clouds blocking it. It feels warm on her body.

She dusts her jeans and walks home. As she is nearing, she looks back at the shining sun and wink. She is happy to have a sky over her head, a place to call her home, a food on the plate and clean clothes to cover her body. She feels blessed to have it all and alive, to enjoy them.

Cover Reveal


Hey Guys,

I am happy to announce that my first book coming this August on 21st. My dream to see myself a published author has finally come true. Sharing the cover of the book below. Hope you like it and give your love to my book. It is available on Amazon. You can pre-order and add to your wish list.

Releasing worldwide on 21st August 2018

Main Book Cover

Happy Reading!

tinytale #50 ‘Sunrise’


She didn’t sleep the whole night. The past haunts. The future terrifies. The present unthinkable. She spent the whole night tossing and turning in bed.

In the early morning before dawn, she got out of the bed, get into her running shoes and out in open for a run.

She ran from past. She ran to catch the future. She ran to live in the present. She ran for miles. She ran for hours. She ran till she was breathing heavy. She ran till her legs ache. She ran till her stomach churns. She ran for a life she wanted. She ran to catch the sunrise of her life.

She came back home not empty handed. She came with a bag full of hopes, a day full of opportunities and a sunrise in her heart. A sunrise she never saw. A sunrise of her life.